Summer Instructor Profile: Loren


Name: Loren

Where did you grow up: Steilacoom, Washington

Where do you live now: Denver, Colorado

What is your favorite movie: The Lord of the Rings series

What is your favorite book: ‘Into thin air’

Do you remember the first place you went hiking and how old were you: I don’t remember specifically, but all growing up my childhood was filled with trips camping, backpacking, and hiking in Mount Rainier National Park!

What is your favorite outdoor recreation activity:  Mountain biking :)

What is the best trip you've ever been on:  Last year backpacking the 4 pass loop in Aspen with my sister.

Where is your favorite place to recreate:  My favorite place might be Moab.

What is your absolute favorite piece of outdoor gear:  My venture out project 5 panel hat of course!

Waterbottle or Hydration Bladders (Camelbacks):  Both! I generally use a bladder, but also carry a water bottle.

Down or synthetics sleeping bags: I prefer down, although I feel bad for the birds. So I’m considering other options for my next bag.

If you were stranded on a deserted island - what three items would you want:  Sunglasses, lighter and chapstick

A place you dream of backpacking some day: I would love to backpack across Europe or Iceland!

What does it mean to you to recreate with other queer folks: It means community, it means feeling comfy in my most favorite place. It also means happiness for this queer!

Posted on April 30, 2018 .