Summer Instructor Profile: Graham


Name: Graham Oxman

Where did you grow up: New York City

Where do you live now: Boston

What is your favorite movie: Muppets in Space

What is your favorite book: Tinkers by Paul Harding

Do you remember the first place you went hiking and how old were you: Somewhere in Upstate NY, and I was around 8

What is your favorite outdoor recreation activity: Hiking!

What is the best trip you've ever been on: Hard choice! I'd say either kayaking around Maine's coast, three day backpacking trip through Baxter State Park, or doing the Long Trail in Vermont.

Where is your favorite place to recreate: Maine

What is your absolute favorite piece of outdoor gear: My sleeping bag

Waterbottle or Hydration Bladders (Camelbacks): Water bottles forever

Down or synthetics sleeping bags: Down!

If you were stranded on a deserted island - what three items would you want: A guitar, sunscreen, and coffee

A place you dream of backpacking some day: Wind River Traverse, Wyoming

What does it mean to you to recreate with other queer folks: It means everything - I've never felt safer or more comfortable in the woods than when I'm hiking with fellow queers. 

Posted on May 7, 2018 .