Summer Instructor Profile: Perry


Name: Perry

Where did you grow up: Keene, NH

Where do you live now: Northampton, MA

What is your favorite movie: if we're being honest, Sweet Home Alabama and Armageddon

What is your favorite book: Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner

Do you remember the first place you went hiking and how old were you: Pack Monadnock in NH with my parents and their friends when I was 5.  One of the dads kept slipping me peanut M&Ms to help me make it to the top :)

What is your favorite outdoor recreation activity: backcountry skiing

What is the best trip you've ever been on: surfing in Mexico with my partner and our kids

Where is your favorite place to recreate: New Hampshire 

What is your absolute favorite piece of outdoor gear: My TVOP Patagonia puffy jacket

Waterbottle or Hydration Bladders (Camelbacks): Both!!

Down or synthetics sleeping bags: Synthetic

If you were stranded on a deserted island - what three items would you want: my family, a magical burrito producing machine, and a surf board

A place you dream of backpacking some day: Nepal

What does it mean to you to recreate with other queer folks: It means getting to be our truest selves while facing really challenging pursuits like climbing a mountain, riding a wave, skiing a line, and coming out of the experience stronger than I thought I was because a) I pushed myself to do something I wasn't sure I would succeed at and b) because I did it in queer community.   

Posted on May 7, 2018 .