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Vermont Classic Backpacking

A weekend of backpacking in New England with other queer folks!  

This backpacking trip is for the absolute beginner, and or the seasoned hiker.  Learn the basic skills of packing, map reading, camp set-up, backcountry cooking, and sleeping under the stars. Or if you're looking for community, this is a great place to start. See below for further description of typical backpacking days. 

No prior experience needed

  • Average: 6 miles/day
  • Lunch: 30-40 minutes
  • Breaks: Typically one 5-10 minute break per hour. More often if necessary. 
  • Hiking Time: 5-6 hours per day
  • Terrain: Gentle, no more than 500'-1000' elevation gain per day.
  • Camp: Arrive around 3pm.