Tam is hiked the long trail

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We at The Venture Out Project are committed to providing wilderness trips to anyone within the queer community, regardless of financial constraints.  We aim to keep the cost of our trips low, but we know that they still remain out of reach for many members of our community. As a non-profit organization, every dollar we collect in tuition goes directly to program costs, but that still does not cover the complete cost of our operations.  Your donation to The Venture Out Project will help provide trans* and queer participants the opportunity to experience the outdoors in a safe, supportive and environmentally conscious way.  Click below to make your tax deductible donation now.

  • $25 DAY HIKER: buys food for a Day Hike
  • $50 BACKPACKER: buys food for a three-day backpacking trip
  • $100 SECTION HIKER: buys food for a six-day backpacking trip/sponsors a youth for a ropes course day
  • $250 THRU HIKER: provides scholarship money for a three-day backpacking trip/ sponsors staff training for a school
  • $500 SUMMIT TEAM: provides scholarship money for a six-day backpacking trip/sponsors a youth group trip

The fine print:

The Venture Out Project is recognized by the IRS as a registered 501(c)(3) organization and all donations are tax deductible.