Here's what some of our participants and clients have to say about The Venture Out Project:


"I underestimated how meaningful it would be to be for me to be immersed in an all-LGBT group.  I didn't think it was something I needed, but I feel differently after this trip. It was so amazing for me to hear everyone's stories and to be in a group in which I am not the only queer person, which is how I spend so much of the rest of my time.  I'm so grateful that this experience has given me a taste of that, and I look forward to finding new ways to incorporate that lesson into my life."       - L.H. 

"The Venture Out Project changed my life.  I had forgotten what it felt like to feel comfortable in a group.  This is amazing." -G.E. 

"Being in this space with a bunch of people more like me, it just feels really safe.  Out in the woods you get to build relationships that are impossible to create in three days anywhere else." -L.S.

"To just have people that kind of understand me right off the bat a lot better than other people would and to be able to do things like go swimming with them...that was just such an amazing experience"  -L.P.


"Our faculty loved the workshop Perry did with us. Perry created a space for conversation that was safe and let people be honest and vulnerable in ways that really promoted authentic learning. We found his ability to both challenge us and to keep dogma out of the room made a big difference in how much we were able to progress as a group. I couldn't recommend him as a speaker and leader highly enough." - Simon Holzapfel, Head of School, Darrow School

"Perry's story was honest and relate-able. He helped me to understand the transgender experience not as a queer experience, but as a human one. Perry's talk and workshop had a profound impact on our community. Perry motivated students to be more mindful of the manifestations of privilege and oppression in their everyday lives, and in the wilderness, specifically. Thank you, Perry, for helping us to improve our outdoor programs!" - Colby College Outing Club Officer

"Perry's workshop provided our student leaders with tools to begin to look at all of our outdoor programs as spaces where everyone belongs.  We look forward to welcoming him back to Colby." -Colby Outdoor Orientation Trips Faculty Advisor


Our amazing friend Tam is hiking the Long Trail from end to end this August.  Tam's hike is about her own journey, but it's also about something bigger.  Tam is giving back to our queer community by creating a fundraising page in support of The Venture Out Project.  All the proceeds from Tam's page go to TVOP to help more LGBTQ folks get into the woods and experience the freedom and joy that nature can afford us.  Read more about Tam, her hike and her vision on her page and fundraising site.  Happy Trails Tam!!