We believe in bringing the queer community together to experience the beauty and fun of the wilderness.  Our trips are run by queer people for queer people and are open to people of all levels of experience.  Check out this clip to get a sense of who we are and what we do.  We hope you'll Venture Out with us soon!

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The Venture Out Project envisions a world where queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ youth and adults create community, develop leadership skills, and gain confidence through the shared experience of outdoor adventure and physical activity.


  • To provide a safe and fun space for queer, trans, and LGBTQ+ people to experience the outdoors.
  • To provide education and support that helps schools and organizations affirm their LGBTQ+ community members.



Social Justice

The Venture Out Project believes that we have a responsibility to make our world a more just place.  All of our Projects incorporate social justice into the curriculum. “Social justice includes a vision of society that is equitable and all members are physically and psychologically safe and secure." Adams, Bell and Griffin (2007)


We believe that our community is a source of pride and strength.  As such it is our duty to cultivate and nourish it.

Diversity & Inclusion

We value the diversity that exists within our own trans* and queer community and believe we can serve as role models to society at large.  We embrace and cultivate diversity and are committed to creating programming that is accessible to our diverse communities.

Challenge as Choice

Adventure learning can be scary and we recognize that we all start from different places.  Every Project we undertake is based upon the notion that all participants make a conscious  decision to participate and no one will be required to undertake any element that they do not actively choose.

Environmental Stewardship

The natural world is our classroom and our office.  As such we believe we are obligated to care for our environment. Our Project is committed to leaving the (natural) world a bit better than we found it.


Thanks to our generous sponsors for their support of our mission!