We are excited to have you join us on a trip and we have created a training routine to help you prepare.  Backpacking is a physically demanding activity and to ensure that you are ready and able to have the most enjoyable trip possible, we ask that you begin to prepare for your trip now using your own fitness routine, the 7 minute workout video, or this routine.

We suggest doing these routines 3 times per week to get started.  Alternate the cardio -  i.e. jog on Mon, walk with weight on Weds, and either a jog or weighted walk on Friday. Go as slow as you like.  The important thing is that you do the distance or the repetitions to get your body used to it.  We have color coded the suggested combinations for a daily workout. 

Ex: Try Green on Day 1 and 3 and Blue on Day 2.  The routines will take about 30 minutes to start and build up to 45-60.  This is meant to be challenging!!  Don't be nervous if it's hard - it's supposed to be.

Try our TVOP routine here.

Or try this handy 7-minute workout: