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Mindful Tracking Experience with The Rusty Anvil


Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2019

Location: Greenfield Center School, Greenfield, MA

Time: 10:30am-3:30pm

Cost: $50

Tracking is the art of observing and identifying animals tracks and sign, and coming into connection with beings in the more-than-human world. When we begin to slow down and observe beings in the natural world we calm the mind and bring ourselves into the parasympathetic nervous system and into relaxation, better digestive function, and increased cognition. Coming into connection with the land in this way can also serve as a reminder of our place within the Earth community, and remind us of how privileged and lucky we are to have a unique awareness of the world around us. During this experience together we will use mindful techniques and a sit-spot meditation to bring our awareness into alignment with the natural world. We will explore the lives of natural beings, and embody their existence through movement practices and meandering. We will put ourselves into their tracks, and rekindle our own wild nature. You will discover new things about the land and yourself, and discover ways to show up for both yourself and your humxn and non-human community. Join me and begin your own journey of mindful tracking and see what this art can reveal about your inner story, and your relationship to Earth.

Gear List:

  • Magnifying glass 

  • Tape measure 

  • Day pack 

  • Warm clothes  

  • Warm Hat 

  • Waterproof gloves 

  • Extra layers  

  • Comfortable hiking boots

  • Trail chair  

  • Extra water 

  • Snacks (as needed) 

  • Personal items (journal, field guides, binoculars)

  • Traction devices (Yaktrax, Micro-spikes, etc.) [PROVIDED]

    Raei is a 22 year old outdoorsmxn. The land has always been a place that made sense to him. He created a organization called The Rusty Anvil that reteaches primitive living skills in an attempt to encourage what he calls bush-crafted mindfulness and indigenous sustainability. A focus on a symbiotic relationship with the land and our souls.

Learn more about Raei Bridges and his work here.