Policies & Guidelines


Inclusion conversations

Some of us have met before, some of us will be meeting everyone for the first time.  TVOP trips are about building community and finding new friends.  So let's do our best to make sure our conversations are welcoming to everyone. 


Part of what is so special about a wilderness trip is the fact that we are away from the normal distractions and activities of daily life.  To preserve this we ask that you please not use your phones on the trip other than as a camera.  



There is a strict no alcohol policy on TVOP trips. Smoking of any kind must be done away from the camping area and the group. (Absolutely no smoking allowed on youth trips). 

Know your Limits

The Venture Out Project adheres to the Challenge as Choice principles. By coming on this trip you are choosing to challenge yourself.  We are here to support you in that challenge and in return we ask that you know your limits and make sure that you are challenging yourself within your stretch zone and not into your panic zone.

Administering Hormones on the Trail

We recommend that you work with your physician to adjust the timing of your shot so you can do it before or after the trip because it is challenging to have a completely sanitary setting while backpacking.  However, if that is not possible, it is feasible to do your shot on the trail.  We ask that you carry a spare needle and syringe in case one gets broken.