TVOP Volunteers

Our volunteers bring Queer Day Hikes to YOUR area!
We currently have hikes in Western Massachusetts, Southern Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest.
Our volunteers are trained by us and have been certified in Wilderness First Aid.
Interested in future trainings? Email:


Malcolm (he/him)

Location: Everywhere! Check Malcolm’s to see where he is!

AJ Metthe - Rhode Island.JPG

AJ (he/him)

Location: Rhode Island

Caitlin Horigan - Mid-coast Maine.jpg

CAITLIN (she/her)

Location: Mid-Coast Main

Lucy Kahn - Western Mass.jpg

LUCY (she/her)

Location: Western Mass

Ray Silverman - New York.jpg

RAY (he/him)

Location: New York

Sam Ephgrave - Oklahoma .jpeg


(no preference on pronouns)

Location: Oklahoma

Nell Carpenter - Northern Vermont.jpg

NELL (she/they)

Location: Vermont


Courtney (they/them)

Location: Central Mass

Basil Bartlett - Western Mass.jpg

BASIL (they/them)

Location: Western Mass

Karen Côrtes - Oregon.jpeg

KAREN (she/her)

Location: Oregon

Nekolai Hulbert - Vermont.jpg

NEKOLAI (he/him)

Location: Vermont

Hallie Herz - Maryland.JPG

HALLIE (she/her)

Location: Maryland

Michelle Kennedy - NY, New York.jpeg

MICHELLE (she/her)

Location: New York

Tyler Lerch - Florida.jpg

TYLER (them/them)

Location: Florida


TERYN (they/them)

Location: Seattle


AARON (he/him)

Location: Portland, ME

Aaron Palko - Central Massachusetts .jpg

AARON (He/Him)

Location: Massachusetts

Keene Morrow - Connecticut.jpg

KEENE (he/him)

Location: Connecticut

_Quincy Foster - Georgia.jpg

QUINN (they/them)

Location: Georgia


Yvonne (she/her)



AMIE (they/she)

Location: Portland, OR

Max Brown - Vermont.JPG

MAX (they/them)

Location: Vermont

Venture Out Profile Pic.jpg

ELLIOT (he/him)

Location: Southern Oregon

Kory Dillon - Virginia .jpg

KORY (he/him)

Location: Virginia

Jae Harris - Central New Jersey.jpeg

JAE (he/him)

Location: Central New Jersey

Sage Rowbotham - Southern Maine.jpg

SAGE (he/him)

Location: Southern Maine

Reyn Stifler - Western Mass..jpg

REYN (she/her)

Location: Western Mass