TVOP Volunteers

Our volunteers bring Queer Day Hikes to YOUR area!
We currently have hikes in Western Massachusetts, Southern Oregon, and the Pacific Northwest.
Our volunteers are trained by us and have been certified in Wilderness First Aid.
Interested in future trainings? Email:



Malcolm Ribot (he/him/his) is a community builder, avid hiker, and constant wanderer.

Since June, 2011, he has been traveling with his trusty copilot Catahoula pup, Grayson, connecting fellow transmen with one another – helping them see there are other folks like them nearby. He’s done so in 49/50 states, Vancouver, Brighton, and Berlin thus far – with much more to come. To learn more, visit:

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Teryn Kilgore (They/Them) is an outdoor enthusiast, musician, and mechanic who has grown up in the pacific northwest. Their parents gave them the opportunities to experience the natural world through family trips and scouting. Teryn looks forward to taking people into the outdoors and to share all the wonderful things they have experienced with others.



Aaron (he/him) is a queer feminist transman and aspiring mountain man with a passion for the wilderness. Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Aaron moved to Portland in August 2017 with his partner to restart their lives on this side of the country. In Pittsburgh, Aaron was an event organizer, performer, emcee, and troupe leader in the queer community for several years. He is excited to be involved with TVOP as he feels part of his life calling is to help others in the community connect with one another and embrace who they are. In his down time, Aaron is a practicing witch, meditates daily, likes to lift heavy objects, and loves to discover new ways to be extra cozy. You can regularly find Aaron laughing at his own jokes. 



Amie Freetly is a queer trans tomboy, a city mouse who loves to recharge in the outdoors. Amie grew up chasing waterfalls and camping in the Midwest, but stopped hiking during transition. Amie recently escaped Texas, and is rediscovering a love of the outdoors in Portland.

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Elliot (he/him/his)grew up in the foothills of the central Sierra Nevada Mountains in California, and has always been fascinated by the beauty and intricacies of the natural world. Elliot received a bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education from Northland College, where he furthered his interest in the intersecting fields of diversity, inclusion, and outdoor recreation. Elliot resides in southern Oregon, and is a certified Wilderness First Responder. His outdoor interests include hiking, fly fishing, cross-country skiing, and natural history. He likes to cook, write, and play traditional Irish pennywhistle.