Who are the instructors on my teen’s trip and what are their qualifications?
Perry, The Venture Out Project’s Executive Director, along with Travis, are both Wilderness First Responder certified, will be leading the teen backpacking trips. Read their bios here.

Are all of the other instructors and teens LGBTQ+?
Yes, everyone that participates (instructors and youth) are LGBTQ+ identified.

What will my teen be eating on this trip?
We have a delicious and nutritious menu planned for this trip.  If your teen has any dietary restrictions or allergies (or intense dislikes), please let us know so that we can accommodate them.

Will I be able to call/text/email my teen when they are on a Venture Out Project trip?
The Venture Out Project  trips are a phone-free zone.  Part of what is so special about a Venture Out trip is that for the duration of the trip we are fully present on the trail and with our tripmates.  Cell phones can disrupt the bonding and immersion that happens when we are on the trail.  We understand that for some being away from phones can be the biggest challenge of the trip.  In order to ensure the best possible experience for your teen we ask that you refrain from contacting them except in the case of an emergency.  We provide all parents with an emergency contact number.

What happens in case I need to reach my teen for an emergency?
We will provide you with our emergency contact number in advance of the trip.   

What happens if my teen gets injured on a trip?
All Venture Out Project instructors are Wilderness First Responder certified and well-trained in assessing and treating injuries that occur on the trail.  Depending on the severity of injury we will either treat on scene, and or/evacuate the teen to the nearest hospital.  We will contact the parents/guardians immediately.

Will someone help my teen manage their medication/allergies?
We can help with reminders, but we ask that your teen be able to self manage their medication/allergies.

Is someone available to pick my teen up/drop them off at the airport/train/bus station?
Yes, the nearest airport is Bradley International Airport outside of Hartford, CT.  We can pick your teen up at any transportation hub within an hour's drive.

Can my LGBTQ+ teen’s sibling/friend/ally go on a trip with them?
The Venture Out Project exists to create a safe and welcoming space for members of the LGBTQ+ community.  For the comfort of the other participants, we are asking that everyone be LGBTQ+ identified. However, a “Bring your Ally Trip” is in the works!  Contact us for more details.  

Will all of the other teens know each other?
Teen are coming from all over, and in most cases will not already know each other (and will be very excited to meet other LGBTQ+ teens!)

My teen has never backpacked or camped before.  Will they be the only one?
Our trips are designed to be beginner friendly and we will show them everything they need to know!  Our participants will come from a wide variety of experiences. They will not be the only one who has never backpacked or camped before.

My teen sometimes has a hard time in new social settings.  What does The Venture Out Project do to help with this?
We will do everything we can do to ensure your teen feels welcomed and a part of the group.  Creating community is one of the primary goals of The Venture Out Project.  Everything that happens within our trip will be done together….from cooking groups to sharing tents.  It is amazing what bonds can form in just six days.

How do I apply for a scholarship?
The first step to applying for a scholarship is to sign up for a trip.  On the sign-up page you'll see a question that asks if you are applying for a scholarship.  Click yes on that box.  When we receive your sign-up form we'll contact you about how to proceed to the scholarship application.  Note: We understand that your registration may be contingent upon receiving a scholarship and there is no commitment on your part until you've gone through the scholarship process.  

Have TVOP employees had background checks?
Yes, all employees of The Venture Out Project have passed the Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) check.