Thank you for visiting our Education Resources page.  Below you can find links to great resources including videos, reading lists, glossaries, continuing education opportunities and much more. 

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Glossaries & Vocab Lists:

Articles & Style Guides - The Use of They:

Videos on Gender Identity:

Articles for parents:


LGBTQ+ Vocab
Trans 101: Vocab Game
Pronoun Worksheet
Top Five Ally Principles
Trans Ally Scenarios Worksheet

Reading resources/Lists:

  2018 LGBTQIA+ Children's Books                                                                                                                                            Trans and non-binary books for all ages
  Featuring non-binary characters
  Books by S. Bear Bergman for all ages                                                                                                        Queer/Trans People of Color
  George by Alex Gino
  Jennifer Finney Boylan
  Books by LGBTQ People of Color
  The Gender Book

  Sex is a Funny Word - great book about bodies for all ages!
  Guide to Gender (available for free at PDF download)


Elsie Frank Scholarship